Modest Anytime

modest, tzanua, frum apparel & patterns

We pride ourselves in handmade garments that are modest and vintage-inspired. Each item is made either according to standard sizes or to the client's custom measurements. We regularly consult The Tznius Handbook, authored by Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk for halachic guidance on style and fabric. 

Each new clothing pattern is designed using the software, "My Sloper" by KosherPatterns. We try our best to describe each garment -- style, fabric and fit. We will work with the client to achieve a good fit. 

As each garment is custom handmade, we are not able to offer refunds or exchanges once the item is made. Please read the Testimonials page for some of our clients' rave reviews. We are indebted to their honesty. So, be confident with your purchase. We value the time and effort a client puts in gathering her body measurements and we try our best to produce a quality garment for her.